Space Clearing
Space is your sacred living space, the space that you use to live your life. It can be your room, your home, your office, your shop, your school; any place where you spend some time of your life each day.
Why clearing of your space is necessary?
  • Your thoughts and thinking is a form of energy. Most of the people think negative most of the time. If a family member in the house speaks negative, it affects all the other members of the house in a negative manner as we are all consciously or sub-consciously bonded together as a group.  As a group consciousness, you create intense discordant energies in the house.Once accumulated, these energies become a part of the morphogenetic field which consequently lowers the vibration of the house. This can affect the physical well-being of the house inmates.
  • Intense discordant energies can damage the energy field of the space causing a tear or space opening. It can be related to an over-inflated balloon which ultimately bursts as a result. Human beings are multi-dimensional beings living in a multi-dimensional space. If there are openings in your space, entities from other dimensions can traverse in and out through the opening. This may not be good for your physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • Creating harmony among the five elements of nature. According to Eastern traditions, man is governed by the five elements of Vaastu - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether or Space. In modern day construction of buildings, the laws of Vaastu are overlooked thereby creating an imbalance among the five elements. The major defect is, of course, the elimination of the Ether or Space element completely because of the construction of concrete roofs and ceilings at the center of the house. This creates a total imbalance among the five elements as Ether or Space element connects you and your space with the rest of the Universe and brings in the desired harmony in the space. This is achieved by space clearing.
  • Energy leakage from adjacent spaces. We have now started to live in apartments and multi storeyed buildings where we share common walls with our neighbors. This gives rise to a situation where energy of the space of one occupant finds its way into the space of adjoining occupants. This is also true where independent houses are constructed with outer walls of one house touching the outer walls of another house. This energies can create a disharmony in your space.
  • Geopathic Stress : There can be various underground formations, such as underground water currents, fault lines, or mineral deposits under the space you dwell. These create an electromagnetic field which can harm you. These need to be neutralized in order to protect your health.
  • Ley Lines/ Toxic Streams : There can be ley lines/toxic streams under the space we dwell.These are similar to an underground drainage system which are polluted by people. If you live in an area of concentrated negative thinking, these can affect the ley lines. These need to be moved outside the space.
  • Remnant/ Residual Energies: With the expansion of village, towns and cities, lands that were used for cremation purposes or graveyards are being used for building constructions. Also there are land acquisitions from people who are emotionally attached to their properties. There are also instances where houses are let out on rent which had been occupied by others or have been vacant for a long time. All these spaces contain remnant or residual energies left behind by those who had been in that space in the past. These energies need to be cleared necessarily.
Continuous headaches and sickness of any kind, uneasiness, mood-swings, mental confusion, retarded physical and mental growth in children can be due to negativity in the space.
There can be many other reasons due to which your space may need clearing which can be identified during the clearing process.
The cost of Space Clearing for a single space is:
  • Rs.   2,100/-   for one month.
  • Rs.   5,100/-   for 3 months   (when requested together in advance- 19 % Discount)
  • Rs.   9,000/-   for 6 months   (when requested together in advance- 29 % Discount)
  • Rs. 15,000/-   for 12 months (when requested together in advance- 40 % Discount)
  • Rs. 11,000/-   for 12 months from the second year onwards for the same space.(56 % Discount)
  • Space Clearing is not a one time affair but a continuous process. Since we keep thinking and expressing ourselves every moment, the energy keeps changing every moment.