Relationship Healing
Life is all about relationships. It can be relationship with your spouse, your family members, your friends, the people around you, money, the objects around you, the environment, the place, etc. In short, you have a relationship with everything around you. Here, I will restrict the topic only to inter-personal relationships.
Everyone of us expects our relationships to be healthy, balanced, harmonized and fulfilling. However, this does not happen with most of us. We keep wondering where, when and how the magic of our relationships started to fade away. After some challenging experiences in our relationships we have been looking for safe places where we feel protected. While we create a shield that protects us from the pain, it also keeps us from experiencing the joys in our relationships. We develop techniques and behavioral patterns to cope with our relationships, but never make any attempt to change or let-go the relationships that are unhealthy. Seldom do we make an effort to understand how to overcome the pain and create the relationship we actually want.
At Srijan, we provide you with an opportunity to understand the driving energies behind our relationships. There is so much information in the energetic realms for us to understand than what meets the eye. How and why they have been created? What drives our behavior towards each other? Is it a creation of the conscious mind or there is something more hidden or at the subconscious level? Some of the revelations may amaze you.
This program is designed to help you see your relationship through energetic lenses. It helps you overcome your limiting patterns and express freely by creating and moving into a more loving space for yourself, where you can explore the answers within you rather than searching for them outside. While we do the energetic clearing, we equip you with tools to create the fulfilling relationship that you have always wanted.
Cost of the program per couple is Rs. 7500/-
  • If more than two persons are involved, the cost can be worked out after initial consultation.
  • The cost of the program is to be paid in full in advance before the commencement of the program.
  • This is not a marriage counseling program. This program is designed to sort out inter-personal relationships between two or more people who can be couples, family members, friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.