Quick Clearing
This program is designed to clear and unblock very specific issues or situations. Quick Clearings can be done for
  • Hospitalization: Hospitals are usually a concentrated zone of negative energies. If you are undergoing hospitalization for any illness or
    for a surgical procedure, we will clear the negative energies of the hospital, your room, any energy between you and the doctor and the hospital staff, the
    operation theatre, the surgical process, everyone involved in the recovery process including your family members. This will create a positive environment
    for your recovery process whereby you can heal faster with ease and lesser pain.
  • Meetings: If you have any important meeting relating to you company or family matters and functions, we will do the clearing
    covering all the aspects of the clearing which includes clearing the members involved  in the meeting, traveling, the meeting/function room, etc.
  • Travelling, especially when you are travelling during challenging weather or circumstances.
  • Examinations
  • Headaches: Headaches can be cured through clearing in more than seventy percent cases without the use of medicines. However, we leave
    this to your wisdom whether to use medicines or not.
  • Any physical ailment that is sudden or unexpected.
  • Any situation that you may feel necessary.

Cost of a Quick Clearing is Rs. 500/- (Indian Rupees Five Hundred Only)


  • This service is only for existing clients who have undergone or are undergoing energy clearing services from me.
  • Complex situations that may require multiple sessions and counseling are not covered Quick Clearing, e.g., Relationship Clearing, Chronic Health Conditions,
    Clearing for Abundance Issues, etc.
  • If your request is beyond the scope of a Quick Clearing, the fee will be adjusted towards any other service that is mutually agreeable between us, else it will be refunded
    (minus any costs incurred from our end).
  • All payments have to be made in advance.
  • Clearing will be done within 24 hours of placing your request.