VAASTU is the science of dwelling. It is mostly understood as the science of construction of buildings with balance of the five elements of nature in the constructed space.
The five elements, namely, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space need to be in harmony in every constructed space to  bring about peace, prosperity and happiness and all the good in life. However, modern architecture gives more importance to the design and outlooks of the building and overlooks the rules of Vaastu. This gives rise to disharmony among the five vital elements and this, in turn, affects the people residing in the space. One of the common mistakes can be found in the kitchen of almost every home. The stove and the sink are in the same platform. This gives rise to a clash of the opposite elements of fire and water. This may result in conflicts within the family members of the house.
Also with the construction of houses with concrete ceiling, the SPACE element has almost vanished from every construction. This automatically creates a disharmony among the other four elements. This is understood from the fact that almost everyone of us is living a highly complicated and challenging life.
If one were to correct these defects to harmonize these elements, then it would lead to undesired demolitions and reconstructions of certain parts of the house which could be a very costly affair.
These demolitions and reconstructions can be avoided 100% with the use of PYRAVAASTU.
Pyra Vaastu uses simple pyramid yantras to correct and harmonize the energies of the five elements in any house or building.  These yantras (devices) also serve as a Wish-Machine to bring your dreams into reality as this brings you and your home in connection with the vast energies of abundance of the universe.
Please feel free to contact us with the plan of your house for Pyra-Vaastu solutions.