All of us know intuitively that if we are carrying around anger, griefs, guilt, traumas, and many such negative emotions, it shows up physically. If somebody is really angry, their jaws clench, stomach muscles are tightened, veins around the neck swell, blood pressure rises, fists are tightened. In fact, the entire body is affected. This is simple enough example to believe that emotions cause physical changes in the body. When we hold on to these emotions beyond a point of time, they show up as physical discomfort and diseases.
So, When and Where do these emotions come from?
We often ask, " Is there a purpose to life?" If there is, what is it and how do we fulfill that purpose? If there is no purpose, is human life merely an accident of nature? Is what we do during our brief span of life completely irrelevant? Surely, there is more to knowing and understanding life that what we can see on the surface of physical reality.
There is ample evidence that each of us has made far too many unconscious choices that have come back to haunt us. They show up as attitudes, behavioral patterns, and mental programs that close off the "good" of our heart's desire.
The truth is that we are much more than physical brains in physical bodies. We are indeed much more than consciousness itself. The fact is that we are  SOULs clothed in a physical body. Our Soul is Spiritual and Infinite in nature and is not limited by time and space. So it is not a myth that we have had PAST LIVES whether our conscious mind (conditioned by modern day logical and judgmental thinking) permits us to believe ti or not (Reference - Srimad Bhagwad Geeta).
To become a doctor, we go through schooling and thereafter undergo a professional course in medicine in a pre-planned manner. To put it simple, this is a program to create and event (doctor out of an individual). Similarly, our lives are programmed by the soul by the emotions it has been through many past lives. What kind of a life we are going to live is completely programmed by the time we are three years old, 90% of which is already programmed even before we were born. Hence, it becomes very difficult to control events and emotions in our lives.
As far as our soul is concerned, events are merely experiences - it is the emotional energies, such as anger, hate, unworthiness,  guilt, revenge, etc. attached to these experiences that cause subsequent difficulties in our lives and this is a continuous process. For example, an asthama patient may have died of suffocation in any or many of his past lives. The emotional energies of anger and helplessness are carried forward and are expressed as attacks of breathlessness when it reincarnates into a physical body again. If the individual does nothing to release these energies of anger and helplessness, he may program himself to die of suffocation again in this lifetime. The beauty, however, is that Emotions can be released with the same ease as they have been created.
With the help of Energy clearing techniques like SPIRITUAL RESPONSE THERAPY, EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES AND TAPAS ACUPRESSURE TECHNIQUE, these energies can be released easily to bring about a happy and harmonious life.